Note to self at thirteen

I wish I could go back in time and tell that girl the answer to her question. She wished she had the courage to ask a woman from church who was the mother of three sons how to understand how boys think. Girl, you’ll be the mother of sons yourself someday. They think just like real people. (Isn’t that funny?)

BTW, further to self at sixteen from my previous post: The reason the boys who talk to you in class and who help you with Science and Math, and ask your help in English don’t call you — too shy. They agonize about wanting to call as much as you do about wanting to be called. You are not the only “late bloomer” on the planet, girl. But the upside of that is, life goes on. The nice boys will eventually get their courage up, and you’ll meet and love your soul-mate someday. Wait for him.

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