Fools Never Learn

Wise people learn from their mistakes.

Wiser people learn from the mistakes of others.

Wisest of all are they who learn from what God revealed to Israel.

(There are, of course, other words of wisdom on earth, but I have found that what is written in the Old Testament can be trusted completely to perform as advertised.)

The best advice I ever got in my youth was to take the book of Proverbs from the Bible and read one chapter every day. There are 31 chapters. This works out to one chapter for each day of the month on many months. That way it is easy to know which chapter to read on which day. On any months with less than 30 days, just read extra chapters on the last day of the month. The chapters are not that long.

The wisdom in the book of Proverbs takes some deep thought sometimes to catch onto. But you can avoid having to make a lot of mistakes in life if you learn what it says there and pay attention to the good advice!

If you want to start doing this today, just begin at the chapter of Proverbs with the same number as today’s date. Then do the same tomorrow, and the next day, and so on. Keep going. Keep it up for months, even years.

The well of wisdom is very deep! And yet, even the water at the top of the well is pure and delicious. So whether you taste just a little, or decide to drink deeply, you will find it to be delightful.

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