Waxing Eloquent re: “System Restore”

“System Restore is a component of Windows XP Home Edition that you can use to restore your computer to a previous state, if a problem occurs, without losing your personal data files (such as Microsoft Word documents, browsing history, drawings, favorites, or e-mail). System Restore monitors changes to the system and some application files, and it automatically creates easily identified restore points. These restore points allow you to revert the system to a previous time. They are created daily and at the time of significant system events (such as when an application or driver is installed). You can also create and name your own restore points at any time. ” — definition copied from the Help file on my computer.

Sometimes Life gets a little bit crazy. Maybe our thought lives get challenged by adding too many new “programs” in too short a time. Maybe we forgot to “reboot” after installing a component. Maybe we got infected by a thought virus sent our way by someone who just thought it would be fun to wreak a little havoc. If Life gets crazy, try System Restore.

Send your thought life back to when things did make sense. Remember who you are. Remember who and what matters. Remember what has worked, and what has not. Look things over. Then, no matter how you FEEL, if you find that your body is still alive, then DUDE, TRY AGAIN, MAN!

BTW, anyone that’s human is allowed to pray. And allowed to “repent” and try again.

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