Giraffes in the Keyholes

Do you remember being so young that you didn’t know all the words?

I remember sitting on the floor in the living room … playing with my toys … My mom was stuffing cotton in the keyhole of our front door.

I asked her why she was doing that.

I thought she said, “To keep out the giraffes.”

“How could giraffes get in through there?” said I.

“No … not giraffes — cold air — the word is drafts,” said Mom.

… Fifty years later, on a cold, winter’s night … I think about giraffes in the keyholes … and how it felt to be so very young.

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3 Responses to Giraffes in the Keyholes

  1. Mel Weinerth says:

    that is so funny LOL

  2. Lise S says:

    That is sweet and priceless.

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