Ok — I’ve had it with the leaders who can’t spell led!

I-ProofreadLadies and gentlemen of the journalistic profession: The past tense and past participle of the verb, lead, is spelled L-E-D!

I realize that the word spelled L-E-A-D can be pronounced the same as led … HOWEVER, when lead is pronounced led, it is a NOUN! As in “get the lead out”! I feel

led to let you know that you should get the lead out!   Sheesh!   I won’t name names. (Hint: I read my news online, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.) Hopefully you all know who you are. (Yes, I realize I should have put a comma after Hopefully, but I’m actually crying out loud here, and I wouldn’t actually pause at that point in my speech, and so I am using my poetic license to omit the comma.) If I’m gonna misspell a word, I want to do it on purpose … If I’m gonna use crappy grammar, I want to do it on purpose!   I sure do wish y’all would do the same! (I surely do!)

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