House and garden

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5 Responses to House and garden

  1. River Girl says:

    Nice pics….funny…..but my winter home is the same color! (:

  2. Ni Elli says:

    Hello, This photo brought memories rushing to my tears. I remember going to the fields of tulips, I think it was a tulip farm…but the color remains with me to this day. I also remember sleeping in a field next to our school in Mundford, England. I got a nice sleep and woke up with the worst headache. It seems that the poppies really do have a sedative effect…even the benign ones, I am told.Thanks for your visit. When you get use to your new surrounding let me know. I will send an invite. I usually wait for quite a while before I accept my invites…it is the safety rules that the .gov has stated.So, far, this has been a safe site except for one exception when I pushed one of the group buttons and realized I had gone off site. I am more cautious there. Going on more visits. Ni (The Ancient One)

  3. Crystal Dawn says:

    Your tulips are gorgeous; I've never tried them in my garden, but they're lovely in yourse and they appear to be very hardy. The plants in my gardens don't usually begin blooming until late early summer to late fall. I'll have to add some spring color.

  4. Kathy A says:

    I love your home and garden! It is all so peaceful!

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