Picture Perfect — Collective

The collective cousins’ collective martian antennae behind the youngest cousin’s head.

I TRIED to post this on my Yahoo360 page.  It disappeared into cyberspace.  Twice.  Welcome to Multiply, everyone!

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4 Responses to Picture Perfect — Collective

  1. heyyy thats cool! Welcome to Multiply!

  2. Kat G says:

    I have to say; I enjoy this one out of all those I've seen so far!

  3. John O says:

    Wow my first comment on a Picture Perfect aka FotoFriday in Multiply, and it is so easy to comment, no waiting, no miss-directed pages, no disappearing comments!! LOL Looks like everyone is having collective fun, except maybe the little guy!!

  4. Sweety Baby says:

    hehe, nice.. Love your pict!

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