Oh, I get it!!!  I copied and pasted my photos (my very own photos!!!!!!) from my yahoo blogs into my Multiply blogs … but they came with a nasty little yahoo link.  They looked just fine last night … but today they are little x-in-a-boxes, and when you click ’em you link to yahooooey.  Blah!

Okay.  I can deal with this.  Give me some time.  I will fix all the blogs by re-posting the photos from my computer, instead of from (good riddance) yahoo.

And just when I thought I was all moved in and gettin’ settled, too.  Sigh.

  Hee hee hee — Look what I just snagged (with permission) from our Yahoo Refugee Group site — Thanx Alan!

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3 Responses to Yahoooooooo!

  1. You wear it well ! ;-p

  2. River Girl says:

    I use Flickr to host my photos for my blogs…..still composing over there for now and copying over here. I suppose I should try doing it on this site for a change!

  3. Yeh, I guess I need someone to show me how to do the photobucket thing. Iv'e tried, but not sure what I'm doing. rrrrrrr I can do some things on the comp. just need a someone to show me. I get confussed very easy. Hmmm, coulod be from all the paint fumes Iv'e been inhaling for the past 30 years. hehehe

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