Kath’s Cat

Shared an apartment with Kath right after high school.  Wasn’t the last time I roomed with her, actually … eventually we went off to college & shared a space there, too … and over the years her love of cats finally rubbed off on me.

However, in 1970 I’d never had the pleasure of knowing a cat before, and Kathy’s cat took a particular disliking to me, because I expected cats to RESPOND to my wishes … such as, “Cats do NOT belong sitting on the open toilet seat.”

I was forever chasing the cat out of the loo (as you Brits say).  Kitty eventually got so she could hear me coming home, and would get down while my key was still in the apartment door lock, so that by the time I reached the kitchen (the loo was off the kitchen … isn’t THAT gross!), Kitty would be sauntering out the bathroom doorway, yawning at me all innocent-like.

Kitty KNEW what time I got off work (I got home sooner than Kath).  HOWEVER!

One day, I came home unexpectedly for lunch, and evidently I startled Kitty cuz as I reached the kitchen, I heard,


and out of the bathroom came a streak of wet cat, lifting dripping paws in disgust with every step. 

I must say, I laughed my you-know-what off! 

  Sorry, Kitty. 

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5 Responses to Kath’s Cat

  1. LOL…this is so funny. Odd behaviour for a cat also.

  2. Bill Pate says:

    Too funny! LOL Cat's do the darndest things!

  3. River Girl says:

    Oh no….poor cat….I have one that drinks out of the birdbath and the kitchen fauctet but I haven't found him on the toilet yet! (:

  4. Rani Kaye says:

    "Easy to use cat repellent" is now being advertised on my blog page. Rolling on the floor laughing!!!

  5. I can just see it in my head! hahaha

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