Writers Block Challenge # 23

Stuff and Nonsense by Rani Kaye

(formerly known as “Mystic Poet”):


This should be a cozy haunt:

Up and down the stairs I jaunt.

If I try to walk away,

I’ll find I’m asleep, and stay.

If I try to reach “awake”

I’ll discover my mistake:

(Flying through here in the rain …

Lightening out my window pane …

Pelting teardrops o’er my head;

I am really still in bed!)

Have you ever dreamed you waked?

Took a walk, and couldn’t shake

Some fool notion you’re not there

But asleep in bed, somewhere?

If you do, just say a prayer!

And your spirit will recover;

Leaving dreamland, find the other

Place that is your true abode

(While the shades of death withhold

Your existence from the sky …

In determined steps to try

To remember on which day

You assumed a shell of clay,

And were bound by time and space

To exist in but one place

Until time and space shall end —

Then you get to fly again!)


— Poem by Rani Kaye, all rights reserved

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One Response to Writers Block Challenge # 23

  1. Bill Pate says:

    Nicely done, excellent muse 8=)

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