Foto Friday — Fall


Today is Friday, and here’s my “Foto Friday — Fall” submission.  First you rake ’em, then you “fall” in ’em, then you pose for a photo in ’em.  After that you get to come inside and have hot chocolate and pumpkin bread.  They’ll pose for me because they “fall” for my ploy — pretty face for the camera and you get to have something sweet.

Here’s the followup photo (which is NOT my Foto Friday photo … simply an addendum to my blog).


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13 Responses to Foto Friday — Fall

  1. River Girl says:

    Oh…nice pics! We're due for a N'or Easter this weekend so I probably won't have to rake leaves anytime soon….65mph winds will take care of them….(:

  2. Great photo Rani. Good ploy too…..LOL. My leaves are pretty much all gone now too and also expecting winds this weekend which should see the end of them.

  3. Wendy . says:

    Note to self…to get good "in the leaf pile pictures" I need to bribe my kids with something sweet. Got it! Great picture!

  4. Light xox says:

    I love the top picture, why didn't I think of that! Thanks for sharing.

  5. mel Hall says:

    remember this when i was a kid…..long long tme ago…lol

  6. Linda O says:

    Love the picture ~ bet it will be one of your favorites of them too. What a happy group you have there. I love the smiles on there faces ~ looks like even with the work or raking the leaves ~ fun was had by all!!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Awesome…brings back memories of falling into a pile of leaves! Thanks for the smiles! 🙂

  8. Rii ** says:

    Hei RaniLovely pics of your lovely children.Really nice.Have a super weekend.Rii :)Mine's up as well…

  9. Brings back memories. We have definitely have broken out the hot chocolate. 🙂

  10. Lou Blinco says:

    would love to rake for you, Rani! I love the drama of sipping hot chocolate.Precious memory!!!

  11. Rani Kaye says:

    This raking wasn't really for me — my youngest son and 3 of my grandkids were raking the yard of an elderly neighbor. Practicing random acts of kindness. Hopefully it will be a precious memory for all of them. "When we rest safely in the grave, and our own kids are old and grey, what will they think of longingly, about this unremarkable day?" — Poem by Rani Kaye, all rights reserved

  12. Kari Judson says:

    Oh, this is really great! They are adorable! I love this post. Thank you for stopping by my page.

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