OK – So I HAVE fallen off the edge of the world!

Still no internet, guys!  AT&T lost my order.  Now they say I can’t have my DSL back until November 26th, “because of the holiday.”  (Another 50 minutes on the phone with them, yesterday, BTW.)  A manager/DSL consultant was supposed to call me back yesterday.  No call.  Tempted to go with another carrier — but then I’d suffer more than they would cuz I’d lose my email address.  So I wait. 

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5 Responses to OK – So I HAVE fallen off the edge of the world!

  1. Bill Pate says:

    Ahhhh, the trials and tribulations of modern technology. Been there so many times, I should have bought stock in mistakes only. AT&T is my carrier also and it took three weeks to get first connected. Ain't it grand? (Not) Either way, Rani, all is well, you're still here in spirit with your friends … we understand, kiddo! Huggers 8=)

  2. Hi Rani,Did you get my personal message/letter? Are you able to use your family's internet or what? At least we can still communicate with you a little.I'm still waiting for a flash drive with lots of MB so I can transfer everythiig I need from this computer to the other newer one. I've already restarted this "thing" 5-6 times today – so far…..Hang in there….Hugs,LaVonne

  3. LOL…we went through all of this a while back also and eventually did change to another carrier.

  4. River Girl says:

    Oh…don't you just hate that? I went online and checked Comcast for high speed availability for our house. It said yes…I called the local office…they said maybe..we'll get back to you. They call every day to say we're still working on it. Either you can or you can't…simple, right? Apparently not!

  5. That really bites. I used to have to go to the library to get on the comp., when my daughter didn't pay her phone bill. We have it hooked up to hers, and not mine! My mom had comcast down in Florida, and says its really fast. Our phone provder is Embarq here. It used to be sprint. We don't get options for diff. carierers, except for long distance. I have Dish network for my TV, and they advertise for comp. too! But of course, its not in my area. So, its just best to stay with what you got. Good luck hun.

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