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Christmas Decorations

Some of my friends here have posted their decorations.  I have instructions stored somewhere on my hard drive for how to put multiple photos into blogs.  But I’m too tired to look at them right now, so I’ll just post … Continue reading

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In addition to staying online WAY too long tonight …

I am eating WAY too many of these Christmas cookies: They are so yummy! My grandma’s recipe.  And probably her grandma’s before her. They taste exactly like Christmas.  

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Girls, you better take a look at his one, somebody’s on to us


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Writers Block Challenge # 27

I wish I had a camera that could show the view from me: Peripheral and everything I do and do not see. And it would have to focus without zooming, and should stay Attentive to the details and wide angles … Continue reading

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Picture Perfect — Into the Night

The Night Before Christmas — 1967   My daddy used to read this to us every year.

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Big storm comin’

S’posta be a big storm comin’ … Just looks like normal snow so far. Youngest son is of the opinion it ought to wait a day, so they can close the schools on Monday.  

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Yahoo Comments

Stopped by yahoo 360 the other day … read a coupla blogs … even left a coupla comments. So, to my initial delight, I get email alerts from 360 that somebody’s commented to my page over there. Click the links.   … Continue reading

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