Yahoo Comments

Stopped by yahoo 360 the other day … read a coupla blogs … even left a coupla comments.

So, to my initial delight, I get email alerts from 360 that somebody’s commented to my page over there.

Click the links.   Then … Huh?

Well, guys, remember a month or so ago when everything over there was disappearing?  Guess it’s been floatin’ round in cyberspace.  Landed in my email today.  Comments from October.

Guess I’ll tag this one “back to the future” … Grin

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2 Responses to Yahoo Comments

  1. mine too. *sigh* I keep hoping that they will get it fixed

  2. Bill Pate says:

    That has happened to me so many times already and in the past … once back in Sept I think, I had 50 some emails that were 2-3 months old … heck even now, when i turn on my IM to get to my mail, it will say I have like either 12, 5 or 20 messages (etc, etc, etc) open it up to see I have maybe 5, 11 or like today 55 messages … at least my email through them works … when that goes … it will definitely be time to move on … I go back to 360 now and then as I get a few pvt messages from people ther but haven't blogged ther since I came here. Chances of 360 coming back stronger and healthier is like asking the Pope if if wants to bet on the Super Bowl … won't happen.

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