Christmas Decorations

Some of my friends here have posted their decorations.  I have instructions stored somewhere on my hard drive for how to put multiple photos into blogs.  But I’m too tired to look at them right now, so I’ll just post this one photo.

My mother made both the tree and the nativity figurines a number of years ago.  She was really into ceramics before she moved south.  Even had her own kiln.  These are my favorite decorations.


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2 Responses to Christmas Decorations

  1. Bill Pate says:

    Purty … I used to do ceramics once upon a time. Great hobby. But I bet my tree is amller than yours … grinning … Huggers 8=)

  2. I can't never put up anything. The darn cats tears them up! Hope you had a wonderfyl Christmas. lol

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