If you know how to pray — tell a child

The news online tonite is bothering me so much:  Some lady killed her children and even though a teacher had reported the family to Protective Services, nothing happened in time to save the children.  Some man threw his children off a bridge.  A marine killed his girlfriend and her unborn child.  Near where I live, a police officer whose wife had a restraining order against him snuck into his house & waited for his kids to leave and then killed his wife.

Seems like a lot of this goes on.  Seems like we need more angels!  And maybe too many people don’t even know they can pray.

If you know how to pray, tell a child.  A long time ago, most children at least knew about prayer.  I don’t think enough kids even know anymore.  If you know how to pray, even if you don’t do it often enough — please, tell a child!


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2 Responses to If you know how to pray — tell a child

  1. richard parr says:

    my wife works for DSS and if you heard the storys I have heard you would cry

  2. That is good advice. In our area we are having trouble with the teachers having affairs with the children. With all that is going on, I know it won't be long before the Lord comes.

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