My mom used to say …

“If you don’t bother to vote, then you aren’t allowed to gripe.”

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4 Responses to My mom used to say …

  1. River Girl says:

    I totally agree. Voting is a privilege many people round the world are willing to die for…..I take the responsibility very seriously.

  2. Mel Weinerth says:

    Vote but study an find who is going to do the best they can you think . Which does not mean they will but at lest you did your part an tried.

  3. Dea P says:

    I tell others that all the time! I take my priviledge to vote veryh seriously. I am active in campaigning for my nomimees and try to stay on top of most issues. This is my first year to not have a clear idea of who I wish to vote for…I hope it all comes into focus better by Super Tuesday…

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