Picture Perfect — Around the World

The idea of this week’s theme is that you look around you and snap a photo of something that is Unique to your part of the world. Look at your world through the eyes of those of us in other lands.

Every part of the world is unique, whether you live in an isolated village in Africa or big city suburbia in America. What you think is common may well be very peculiar to someone on the other end of the globe – or even in the next town, so have fun with this!

The theme this week is:

‘Around the world’

This photo was taken last spring with my Canon Powershot A520.

Around the World — This is Michigan

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23 Responses to Picture Perfect — Around the World

  1. could be Holland with the tulips…but we will take your word for it

  2. Lise S says:

    Very pretty corner of Michigan. Lovely photo.

  3. Bill Pate says:

    Nice shot … I like your concept of 'Around the World' too

  4. Karen G. says:

    I spent many years traveling in Michigan. It's one of my favorite states. Love the picture….a true slice of Americana. Mine is up, too. Hope you'll stop by.

  5. looks great! Come by mine if you get the chance!

  6. Sefa Firdaus says:

    lovely corner… hope one day I can be there to see the beauty of Michiganthanks for sharing

  7. Mel Weinerth says:

    Was in upper Michigan around Alpena but that was in winter wold love to visit in Summer sure some pretty flowers.

  8. Anju R says:

    Beautiful snap!Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Beautiful flowers. I miss spring. ^_^

  10. Susan Ogilvy says:

    I can't wait to see the spring tupips breaking through the snow. thank you for the peak into spring

  11. Terrific flower bed and I thought the same thing as the first post… Holland. It must be nice to see them bloom after the snow melts. Thanks for sharing some of Michigan's beauty, Rani.Don't know if you've stopped by yet… but mine is at:http://oarafn1.multiply.com/journal/item/18

  12. Rani Kaye says:

    Regarding the tulips: Lots of Hollanders in Grand Rapids, Michigan … myself included (1/4 Dutch, 1/4 German, 1/4 English but in the U.S. since before the Revolution, and 1/4 from Austria but in the U.S. since William Penn let the Mennonites in). Heinz 57 is what my grandma called it.

  13. Fabienne S says:

    Nice little window into what looks to be a pretty part of Michigan. Thanks for sharing.

  14. ** Ruzie ** says:

    Auwww! So beautiful flowers! Wish I could go there & pluck them! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. vrilia Hirsh says:

    beautiful tulips.. ove it..nice pic Rani

  16. Rii ** says:

    Hei RaniLOVELY!!Grand entry. Have a super weekend. Rii :)Mine's up as well…

  17. carol :) says:

    Ah, a beautiful spring day! I can't wait for tulips this year!

  18. TULIPS!! So beautiful and the reminder that Spring is right around the corner!

  19. Hello Michigan! Must be very cold by now, right.

  20. Your garden and neighbourhood is so pretty! Just a tip for next week, though. If you put the link to your post in your comment, more folk will stop by to look and what you have is worth sharing : )

  21. Vicki G says:

    Very pretty photo! I love tulips ~ always want to go to Holland, Michigan for the Tulip Festival..someday.Thanks for the comment on my site =)

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