Chicken Tuesday Number Two

A chicken is like a scaredy-cat, right?  That’ll be me.  My sister draws a W with her fingers and whips it at me like some people do to “give the finger” only she’s got 3 fingers up to make a W … and she says that I’m a wus.  I’ve wanted to blog about this before, but I have no idea how to spell wus.  Now I’m not scared of everything, it’s just that I’m a wimpy kind of girl who never did like gym class cuz I always got hurt.  But my sister, well she’s athletic, and beautiful, and did I mention athletic?  So I don’t go for family river-raft rides, nor do I care to ride ferris wheels, and I CERTAINLY don’t want to bungie jump!  So I am a chicken, and dang proud of it, cuz I’m 55 years old and doggone it, I get to be me.  If I can’t be myself at 55, when IS it my turn?

Okay.  That’s my chicken Tuesday, which I am posting while it is still Monday but just barely, because I want to call it a night (because I’m a wus) and a bunch of people already have their chicken tuesdays posted, and if there’s one thing I’m NOT a-scared to do, it’s type on a dang computer!

Buck, buck, buck, bwaaaaack!!!  G’night all.

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9 Responses to Chicken Tuesday Number Two

  1. Mama Bear says:

    lol! Yes.. they ARE a scaredy cat sometimes! Baaaaaaaawk!

  2. Bill Pate says:

    least yer not skert of that dad-blamed computer! Huggers 8=)

  3. C-A S says:

    Happy cluck day!

  4. Mel Weinerth says:

    Love it I was the wus in a lot of ways an not in some but this is delightful thanks.

  5. River Girl says:

    Nothing wrong with being a chicken….better safe than sorry right?I'm not too much of an adventuress either. And yes…I passed on the family white water rafting trip they took 3 years ago….. so we must be birds of a feather.(couldn't resist that!)

  6. lol I did wait until 11pm last night to post so I was only 1 hour pre tuesday ( infact if we use my normal time zone of the UK then I was 4 hours late)

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