Coupla Additions

I added a song to my music.  (One song) (and I guess you gotta click on it to hear it)  (So I’m not a computer whiz after all)

I added some pictures (yes, that is multiple pictures) to my Sep 21 blog about what I did when I wasn’t online.

Proud of myself, I am.  Will try to do better as time goes on.

Up to my ears in genealogy, though.  My grandparents and cousins kept multiplying while I was offline.  And just like Pokemon, “You gotta catch ’em all!”


Here’s a picture of two sons and a grandson, from 4th of July:

That’s all for tonight.  Sweet dreams, everyone!


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One Response to Coupla Additions

  1. Mel Weinerth says:

    So great to have you back blogging .Who care if you are a whizz or not enjoy your pictures ect thanks for sharing I need to get back to work on our family but winter will shut me in then I will start again maybe. LOL

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