Just a Quick Quondam Quote for Today

From an email I received:

The story is told of Baron Edmond Rothschild who once asked his personal assistant to calculate the Baron’s net “worth.”  A few days later the assistant came back with the sum total of his assets.  The Baron said “That is not how much I am worth… The government could seize all my assets in an instant.”  The Baron then removed a small key from his vest pocket and opened the center drawer of his desk.  He slowly pulled out a ledger and placed it on his desk.  He opened it and said “This is a ledger of all the money I have given to charity.  This is something that can NEVER be taken away.  THIS is how much I am ‘worth’.”

Charity, is for a lifetime, whereas what you have in the bank can wax and wane with the times. 

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