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Writers Block #52: The Agnostic Shepherd

    This is dismal.  Some have heard angels sing.  Some say that star leads to a faraway hope.  My feet are wet, and I have no idea why it has to snow again tonight.  I am looking for a … Continue reading

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How to Get Your Life to be the Way You Want it to Be

Okay, first you have to realize that other people’s lives intersect with yours, and you are not going to be able to change anything about them.   But if you want to tweak a few things about how your own … Continue reading

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Nickelback – Savin’ Me

The video is interesting. It does take a minute before you can realize what is going on … so keep watching.

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Here We Are…with Luci site is hosted by a good friend of my Multiply friend, Rivergirl. It is a great site with helpful information for moms! Also, if you want to subscribe to the feed, a good video is posted on how subscribe … Continue reading

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Video: RSS in Plain English

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Breaking News in India

Haven’t seen this on CNN yet, but here’s what the BBC knows:

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Nillson – oblio land of point – Think about your troubles

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