Today’s List

What I am reading:
A History of the American People (c) 1997 by Paul Johnson, originally published in Great Britain in 1997 by Weidenfeld & Nicolson; published in the USA by Harper Collins Publishers.  I began by reading the section on Industrial America 1879-1912, and was so impressed with the book, I started at page 1 and read through page 99 yesterday.

I am also re-reading Nicholas and Alexandra (c) 1967 by Robert K. Massie, published simultaneously in Canada by McClelland and Stewart Ltd. and in New York by Atheneum.

Book I read in high school or college I want to find a copy of and re-read:
Black Like Me.  I do not remember the author’s name, but will find out and check second-hand booksellers locally.  Just noting it here so I’ll remember to do so next time I go out.

What I am thinking about:
Economics.  Specifically now, Value.  The “true” valuation of goods and services.  Especially this morning, of real estate.  And the lie of “Location, Location, Location.”  (That the 3 most important factors that affect the value of real estate are location, location, and location.)  I have always believed that to be a lie.  Which is why my home is in what is called “Urban” Grand Rapids, but was until very recently called “the Inner City.”  The Value here is tremendous.  The materials and craftmanship of my home could not be replicated today without emormous expense.  The fertility and beauty of my back yard pleases me very much.  I have public transportation, nice neighbors, nearness of churches and stores.  But where I live, until very recently, most of my contemporaries were “afraid” to come, because I live near so many of “those people” — you know, the ones with the same ethnicity as our President-Elect.  Sigh.

What I have to do today:
Rake leaves.

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5 Responses to Today’s List

  1. Cool, I wish that I still owned my own home instead of living in an apartment, but work just makes it so easier.Living with the downtrodden, isn't it neat to be part of a mixed neighborhood.Not any diversity in my neighborhood now and it is sad.Raking leaves used to be a neat chore and of course I composted them, I hope you do the same, or at least use them for winter covering of flower beds that appreciate the PH.Reading a lot is important, you know I have not had a TV for about 20 to 25 years and watch very little in the hotel rooms as I travelToday, I am going to spend time with my grandsons and their parents.Hope it is fun.Later.

  2. Mel Weinerth says:

    Was told once we lived on the wrong side of Tucson because we were in the south end but was close to work an all we enjoyed but the wrong people as you said but loved them too some very good friends .

  3. sparksmcgee says:

    My eyes just went buggy! Black Like Me is fantastic, and if I hadn’t have given it away I’d mail it to you. But then you are four years in the past… Wait – I still had it back then! Does the post work that way? Probably not. And you probably found it by now. 🙂

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