Writers Block Challege # 51


I am holding up a mirror
It is holding back the tide
All the monsters that could harm you
Are here on the other side

You are safe within the vessel
Safe is what you’ll always be
Though the demons think they see you
All they really see is me

Poem by Rani Kaye
All rights reserved

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13 Responses to Writers Block Challege # 51

  1. Excellent job…so insightful and probing…makes one think.

  2. Heather B says:

    A beautiful post Rani, makes you ponder about yourself. Thanks for sharing, Heather

  3. Mel Weinerth says:

    A good one so much talent an none for me .

  4. brian ayson says:

    this is great! fascinating! i love it…

  5. dp ♥ says:

    thought provoking write, well penned!

  6. Annie C says:

    thats really a fine post! thanks for sharing your gift..

  7. Food for thought – very good

  8. I like this one, Rani. It says so much in so few (beautiful) words. Nice job!

  9. Mary Terese says:

    oh, so beautiful! how wonderful to be protected by someone…

  10. Terry Writes says:

    a fresh look…well done

  11. Wow, this was so awesome! I loved everything about it. It was sweet, loving and very very well written. Excellent work, without a doubt!

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