Taking a stab at fiction

Well, I started working on this around 1 p.m. today, and I had to be someplace else at 1:30, so I wrote it on a snatch of paper.

When I got home, (from the place I had to be at 1:30) I changed a couple of words, and then changed a couple of them back, and then I let it sit some.  (The snatch of paper, I mean.)

Then I came online and read some real fiction over at Writer’s Forum.  Liked most of it, and admired the ones who can spin a tale out of wisps of imagination.

So I let my own muse play around with thoughts and characterizations in my head, while I chopped potatoes, cabbage, onions for boiled dinner for tonight.

Now I’m bored with the whole idea (I apparently was gifted with a boring muse), and I’m thinking like, “Crap (I say crap nowadays sometimes.  Learned it from my son.)  I don’t feel like messing around with my so-called ‘muse’ — it’s so much plainer just to say what you want to say.”

But I figured I’d type out my little piece of fiction.  I can type.  So here goes.  (Oh, I guess I should point out that this is only the opening couple of paragraphs to a potential short story.  I dang well do NOT wish to write a novel.  Just the occasional short story. …  So that I can hide in plain sight, I guess.)

… Nope, never mind.  The dinner’s almost boiled and my son will soon be home, and we will eat and then do stuff; and I’ll either shred the piece of fiction, or tuck it in a notebook, or lay it on the counter, or type it out some other day, in some other blog, when nobody remembers that I am hiding in plain sight.

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4 Responses to Taking a stab at fiction

  1. Mama Bear says:

    lmao!!! Muses can be royal pains!! giggle.. I know.. I R one sometimes!!

  2. ~ ~ says:

    All of that just to leave us dangling in the end….you tease! 😉

  3. Mel Weinerth says:

    And I was so expecting a short story.

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