Barack Obama – Yes We Can music video

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One Response to Barack Obama – Yes We Can music video

  1. And after years of work trying to bring us back to a little sanity and certainly one of the most time intensive campaigns I have worked on in the last 10 years, I can say, "Yes we did!" and I couldn't be happier than I have been in this last month for our county. Door to door, 8 times through my precinct alone this year, I can say Yes we did. And now I look into the future with a little more hope and a great deal more security, that the people I care for, that the children I teach, that the First Nation's people that I cover and represent are covered, because… "Yes we did." And now that we have the momentum, and the will of the people and the vision of those who understand, I can say about next year, and the years afterward, "Yes We Can." because, "Yes we did." We are still working on our senatoral election, it is a slow process, but we aren't rolling over any more.

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