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GlobalSpec Games – The BrainStrainer If you like to build things, this is great fun, but addicting.

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Quote du Jour

“Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance.” Quoted from the end of a round-robin email posted on my friend, Missy’s page:

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Mary Did You Know

The video with this is quite nice.

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i wish God would have not confounded our languages … supposedly he’s fixed that little problem now … but heck, i don’t even always understand the ones who speak my own language … and i’m a Christian (you know, the … Continue reading

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Bruce Springsteen Bobby Jean

This is for Kathy, because I just learned how to post html in comment boxes tonight, but hers won’t take html.

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jefferson starship – nothing’s gonna stop us now

This is my happy dance after Dar taught me how to put photos in comment boxes. Now if I only knew how to put youtube videos right in my blogs or comment boxes …

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The Real Great Depression – Snagged this one from my friend, Cranky’s comment box (he posted it yesterday). Not exactly what I needed to hear today, but enlightening; and I want to save the link.

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