Something for you to read while I write

Yipes!  I’m under a deadline and I didn’t realize!  Gotta write for Writer’s Forum because tomorrow they post a new challenge already.

I was browsing through my old blogs (hoping to be able to cheat).

Lots of my old stuff was uploaded from Yahoo 360, and nobody here has read it.

This is one I like, and maybe you will too.  (Just in case you want something to read while I go try to write something new.)  It is called

“Giraffes in the Keyholes”:

Do you remember being so young that you didn’t know all the words?

I remember sitting on the floor in the living room … playing with my toys … My mom was stuffing cotton in the keyhole of our front door.

I asked her why she was doing that.

I thought she said, “To keep out the giraffes.”

“How could giraffes get in through there?” said I.

“No … not giraffes — cold air — the word is drafts,” said Mom.

… Fifty years later, on a cold, winter’s night … I think about giraffes in the keyholes … and how it felt to be so very young.

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2 Responses to Something for you to read while I write

  1. Mama Bear says:

    I'll try and remember to read it.. Not feeling so hot.. and doing some fast reads tonight! I'm sure it's fine!

  2. Lise S says:

    Giraffes & Keyholes. Cute story.

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