FamilySearch Record Search
Record search – Pilot site

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3 Responses to FamilySearch Record Search

  1. heidi breuer says:

    the link is wrong could you look at it thanks

  2. Mel Weinerth says:

    will check this site out more an see what I can find thanks

  3. Rani Kaye says:

    It works when I click it. For some reason on the "Links" section of Multiply, the first time you click, from my home page, it takes you to a new box, with the link inside it. And then you have to click that. If anybody's else's link sections of their home page work more smoothly, and they can tell me what to adjust to make mine work better, please let me know. Because I get this remark almost every time I post a new link. (Mostly I'm just saving links here that I want to look at again … but they may interest some of my friends, too, so that's why I make them public.) Sorry for any trouble anybody has! Rani

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