I Live in a Library

These are SOME of our books. I did not upload all the pictures I took tonight, and I have not taken pictures of everything. There’s more. Quite a bit more. But you get the picture.

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14 Responses to I Live in a Library

  1. ~ ~ says:

    I love your house! Can I move in with you? LOLWhen we had our house built, the study came with one built-in bookshelf. We had a second put in because we knew we would need it. My husband still has a bunch of paperbacks in boxes in his closet.

  2. I have about 50 cases of books (beer case size) that are of every genre and mixed paperback, trade, and hardcover.Do you want them?

  3. Rani Kaye says:

    NO!!! And don't you DARE let my husband know about your offer!

  4. Rani Kaye says:

    Knew you'd love it! I do too, although I wish we had all the books, dewey decimal, in one large stately room with ladders, like the picture on your home page!

  5. heidi breuer says:

    looks like home although I am running out of space so some of mine are stacked on the floor hehehe

  6. Mel Weinerth says:

    Would be in 7th heaven in your house love to read was one passion I wanted to read as a child more then any thing that an write. Have donated nearly that many books to libraries have never had a lot of room for books an figure some one else get to read them I hope an enjoy.

  7. Bill Pate says:

    You don't read much, do you? Grinning.

  8. Bill Pate says:

    Just tell me that's a reading lamp and not an oversized flashlight to find a book to read.

  9. Bill Pate says:

    Pretty impressive library. If you ever decide to sell all those, I'm sure you could get a pretty penny for all them. From what I saw they all look to be in mint to excellant condition.

  10. Rani Kaye says:

    Well, um, actually: it IS an oversized flashlight to find a book to read. grin

  11. Kathy A says:

    Books are a good thing. We have two big bookshelves in the living room and then we have four more portable book cases in the basement. However, I have one stocked with scrapbooking stuff. One of these days I want to get a scrapbooking armoir and move everything to that – – then that opens up a TON of space for the rest of my books (and I have several boxes ready to go on it).

  12. Rani Kaye says:

    I read a LOT more than what I ride that exercise machine that you see in front of this bookcase LOL. The view when you are sitting on the bike there, BTW, is of an old portable TV with rabbit ears. I sit there and watch "Storm Team 8" when we have a tornado warning that sends us to the basement. Yeah, in addition to Snow Events, we get tornadoes here in Michigan. Not at the same time, thankfully!

  13. Lots of books. I also love reading books

  14. Ni Elli says:

    You know? You might consider getting some books for your house…Hah. Ni

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