I Suppose This Could be WHY we own so many books …

A typical date night for Michael and Rani


My grandpa managed the local IGA food store when I was a wee tot.  They featured “Little Golden Books” and my grandpa bought me a book about once a week.  I’ve already blogged before about pestering my parents to let me go on Romper Room when I was 3, because I thought it was a real school and they would teach me to read.  I spent most of my free time in high school in the school library.  I spent most of my lunch hours as a young adult at the G.R. public library one block from the building where I worked downtown.

Michael grew up in a small community without a library in rural Wisconsin.  When he came to G.R. to go to college, he started buying books like a kid in a candy store.  By the time I met him, he needed to marry a woman who owned a bigger house than his, because he could barely walk in his house for all the books.  (I do not exxagerate.)

So where do we go for fun?







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