The Real Great Depression –
Snagged this one from my friend, Cranky’s comment box (he posted it yesterday).

Not exactly what I needed to hear today, but enlightening; and I want to save the link.

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5 Responses to The Real Great Depression –

  1. Extremely interesting was it not?I passed this one on around the US.I just finished rereading a book about the depression of the 1900's and after 3 reads it is still interesting.I will scan the cover and post it tomorrow, along with Thoreau, both extremely good reads in light of today's economy.I recommend everyone who reads to try and find copies.

  2. heidi breuer says:

    Great article for people who need a quick lesson on these things-The main question is and always will be what is a "depression"-when things go to far in one direction they will correct themselves and this one went 10 yrs. to far in the wrong direction up so now it corrects I think normal and we need to NOT PANIC even this shall pass.

  3. Mel Weinerth says:

    Whether it be this or another one we have to live thru this one an it may be worse or better then either of those only time will tell.

  4. I agree, this corrective action is time for The Middle Class to take back some of what we have lost.Remember, there is strength in numbers and toss our greed and coveting out the window.Read my latest blog entry for insight on bargaining.

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