Second Wind

This was originally posted on Yahoo 360.
Writer’s Block Challenge # 22 (My first time participating.) :
Why would a quiet soul want a scary door?
This is not the door to MY heart.
If I close my door, it is only for solitude … it is only to revive …
and never would I want to terrify you away.

P.S.  If you ever see a scary door like this one,  I say slap some paint on it and plant some flowers!

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4 Responses to Second Wind

  1. Mel Weinerth says:

    No take it down an get rid of it would be better.

  2. Mama Bear says:

    It looks like a cat! That's not scary!

  3. Rani Kaye says:

    It was a "Writer's Block" challenge, Mel. They post a picture on the group site, and then each member of the writers' group is supposed to write something, inspired by the picture. My take was that sometimes life presents you with scary or ugly things that you cannot change. Some people choose to embrace the ugly, or perhaps personify the scary. I choose to add order and beauty. You cannot always subtract what exists in your presence … but I have found that very often you can add to it. So I try to add what will bring order and beauty.

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