How to Pronounce My Name
Rani is really my name. The definition is pasted below. Click the link and turn on your sound, and you will hear how to pronounce it. There are 2 ways to pronounce my name. When I was a baby, my mother preferred the first pronunciation, but my grandma called me Rani Kaye, using the 2nd pronunciation. In 7th grade (when we moved to a new town … again …) I introduced myself using the 2nd pronunciation exclusively, and that was the end of teachers calling me “Rainy” or “Renee”.

So, click on the link, and hit the little sound icons. The first pronunciation is difficult to master if your brain is Americanized, and even my mother now uses the second pronunciation, so that’s the one I answer best to. (BTW, it sounds like this: RAAAH knee.) (soft “a” as in father)

And here is the definition:

Main Entry:
Hindi & Urdu rānī, from Sanskrit rājñī, feminine of rājan king — more at royal

: a Hindu queen : a rajah’s wife

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11 Responses to How to Pronounce My Name

  1. heidi breuer says:

    you have the same name as the queen of Jordan and I always pronounce it RAAAH KNEEI love your name-

  2. Rani Kaye says:

    Oh, and another BTW … I have known a couple of people actually from India through a former job, and they immediately upon seeing my name written, use the 2nd pronunciation RAH knee. (as opposed to rah KNEE)

  3. Rani Kaye says:

    I did not realize that the queen of Jordan is named Rani! Thank you for telling me!

  4. Mel Weinerth says:

    think it is a lovely name.

  5. Cheryl M says:

    Your name is very pretty.

  6. ~ Kira ~ says:

    Most people are familiar with maharaja – the female counterpart is maharani.Simple. Pretty. Elegant. 🙂

  7. River Girl says:

    I have a friend named Rani… so I was right.Rainy?Oh…that's awful.

  8. Mama Bear says:

    lol! My own mother couldn't pronounce or spell my name properly.. to this DAY. My dad named me.. and she just couldn't wrap her tongue around it! lol. I don't find your name odd at all. So, together.. we must be really odd, eh!

  9. T J says:

    Thanks for the lesson! Lovely name!


  11. how nice to be able to just give people a link so they can hear how to pronounce your name. I'm always asked how to pronounce mine, wish I had an easy link…

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