For Kira — Who Just Built Me a Poetry Corner to Play In !!!!!

I can write a limerick!
I can write a sonnet.
I can write a song of love
And put a new spin on it.

I can Haiku Japanese.
I can psalter Hebrew.
I can Frost a two-forked road
And Shakespeare thee till ye do.

I can play with words all day,
Till Doctor Seuss eats french fries.
I can make my muse skip rope
Until “Hot Peppers!” he cries.

I can hang with logophiles.
Now we’ll amuse each other!
“Get your nose out of that book!
Go play outside!” said mother.

Okay, I’ll swing and sing me songs
And dream in words that rhyme.
Some day there’s gonna be a place
To play with words on line!

— Poem by Rani Kaye — All rights reserved.
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7 Responses to For Kira — Who Just Built Me a Poetry Corner to Play In !!!!!

  1. T J says:

    This is too cute, Rani! *smile*

  2. ~ Kira ~ says:

    Great poem, Rani! You have a talent for writing rhymed poetry that sounds quite natural and flows very well. That is rare these days. Go you!!

  3. Mama Bear says:

    LMAO!! What a delightful ditty for the kiddies!! giggle

  4. Mel Weinerth says:

    Love it you are a poet for sure.

  5. Jerene Dunn says:

    Oh Rani! How wonderful!!!!

  6. Ni Elli says:

    Hey, Neat…I would have to look up some of the words. Ha. I saw your note on Yahoo…at that is fine. I see pet has moved back there. She is neat…and popular. Ni

  7. Kathy A says:

    *giggles* That's cute!

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