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Wash the dog.

“This was supposed to be Mom’s laundry night … but instead she cut my hair, bathed me, and then blasted me with the hairdryer. The indignity of it all!” — Maggy

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My father-in-law said

“Een lopende hond vindt altijd een bot.” * * loose translation: “A walking dog always finds a bone.”

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You are on LinkedIn

The contraction for you are is you’re.      This public service announcement is for my highly-educated, extremely articulate friends and colleagues on the LinkedIn professional networking site.

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Variations on a Theme

Follow-up to my recent post, “Heads up, Writers”: Five or six people in each age of men Express something true with the brush or the pen And others repeat it, again and again. And falsehood, if clothed in a nice-enough … Continue reading

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Heads Up, Writers!

Heads up, Writers!  It’s time to save the world! We need a Charles Dickens, to show us what the census numbers really look like walking; we need a Thomas Paine to tell us just what might really work; we need … Continue reading

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