Heads Up, Writers!

Heads up, Writers! 

It’s time to save the world! We need a Charles Dickens, to show us what the census numbers really look like walking; we need a Thomas Paine to tell us just what might really work; we need a Rachel Carson to bring us to our senses; we need a Martin Luther, to bring us back to God.

We’ve had plenty of minor players.  Who’s going to write the story that brings us fully back to center?

People who are great in their various professions, skills, and callings think profoundly but narrowly.

Only writers think of all the connections and the what-ifs; and some of you must wrap your imaginations around all our ideas, events, and characters, and write the words that will save the world.

You know who you are.  Heads up!

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16 Responses to Heads Up, Writers!

  1. write the words that will save the world? scary challenge. thank God it's already been done 🙂

  2. Rani Kaye says:

    Oh, you're not getting off that easily, Meirav! I'm talking about test-driving ideas through fiction before we try them by drilling holes that spring leaks. I'm talking about helping society see itself, like Dickens did. I'm talking about adding ethics to science with good research and softly powerful words, like Carson did. I'm talking about imagining a new way to do government, like Paine did. I'm talking about understanding and communicating what Scripture says, like Luther did. I am ready to be wind beneath the wings of a writer who was born for such a time as this!

  3. Anne McCaffrey is good at that. Her Pern series uses an earth parallel (and no, I didn't say that backwards … it's a planet identical to earth) to explore a different socio-economic structure, and also explore ideas that overthrow traditional lords and ladies and allow even a commoner or social lesser to advance based on merit as opposed to wealth.

  4. I do get what you mean; a writer who's not afraid to upset the norm in order to bring about change for good, using their words.

  5. Rani, I'm not sure I get what you're trying to say – I think you know I'm not afraid to speak my mind, and I use my blog as a soapbox. But I don't feel I have some special, new, earth-shattering message for people. Nothing very radical. Just that same one that has already been written…

  6. Rani Kaye says:

    I'm not really meaning this to you personally, Meirav. Not even my reply was meant personally, really. Obviously I, too, like to write. I was just thinking today (because of some current events here in my city, and the oil spill thing, and the greek thing, and just lots of current events), that some of this historically reminds me of some other times in history when somebody wrote something that really affected the future in a positive way for a while, at least. Hopefully we all make a little difference. But every now and then, maybe once a generation, or once an epoch, somebody writes a story, or an essay, or a series of writings, that really makes a LOT of people think a little less entrenched than they'd been up to then. I have a poem I wrote many years ago that expresses this, too. So this must be a recurring theme for me. I'll post the poem as a new blog, shortly. Sorry for speaking so pointedly in my reply as to make you feel singled out!

  7. T J says:

    Sometimes, I hear an echo of your call in my head…what should I write, though? Because, Rani, I honestly believe that if we don't start caring about each other, I mean really, and not just a knee-jerk thing in response to a crisis, mankind is doomed, and nothing will prevent our downfall.How does one write THAT?

  8. Rani Kaye says:

    Indeed! But I think SOME one will. Historically, someone often has. I think that WRITERS are the ones who ultimately move history. And I think it is because writers think less narrowly than what other specialists, be-they-ever-so-brilliant, do. To write a plot, you have to consider EVERYTHING. The whole story! The WHOLE story.

  9. thanks for explaining, Rani, I think I understand now. you're hoping someone will have a vision for our time, a message that will change the way people think/behave.and who knows, maybe kittigory will find a way of writing hers.

  10. Rani Kaye says:

    Exactly.And quite obviously I am not that writer LOL — evidence the number of discussions it took to clear up what I wanted to say clearly to begin with!

  11. lol… it wasn't that bad – we clarified it pretty quickly, I thought. I've had some much longer conversations with people where the wires remain resolutely crossed and no sign of the fog ever clearing. (mixing my metaphors wildly here… should I add some cinnamon now, I wonder…)

  12. Rani Kaye says:

    Well, if Emma jumps in, there WILL be bananas. This much I know. So stand by with the cinnamon, and soon we'll have some tasty bread to share.

  13. bananas? yummm… ripe ones, I hope – I like them spotty.

  14. Mel Weinerth says:

    Good to see you putting for you strong good sense here again girl an hope some one can come forward to pick up the challenge

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