The nest is NOT empty

 Up early with a nice cup of coffee — yesterday was an awesome day — after 2 weekends of serious shopping, hubby and I finally found just the right set of tables for our living room.

Couple of weeks ago, youngest son (nearly 20 now) moved out of the nest.  I was a little at odds with myself wondering what to make of this new phase of life, and frankly, I was feeling rather sad and possibly useless.  I’ve been raising children quite a while, you see.  That job is now finished.  They all are grown, and nice young men, and God is good; but what do I do now, I wondered.
Well, as life would have it, I stumbled upon the answer.  After-the-fact, as usual LOL.  (I believe I have mentioned before that I always know exactly what to do — ten years after any given life cycle challenge I am going through.)
Well, it just hit me when I woke up happy this morning:  Nesting is something you do with your mate… not your offspring.
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2 Responses to The nest is NOT empty

  1. Mel Weinerth says:

    By george think you hit it LOL good to see you on here .

  2. this is when I wish we had a "like" button 🙂

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