I posted a video a little while ago.  And I was disappointed that I couldn’t post it in the body of my blog.  So it’s just a link.  Then I embedded it in the comments; but of course, one would need to have looked at the posted link in order to see the embedded comment.

So, then I was just reading blogs on my friends pages, with the TV running in the background.
And lo, “Inside Edition” just did a feature on the very video I had wanted to share with my friends!
So, what it is, is MY little town.  Newsweek magazine called us a dying city a few months ago.  The Grand Rapids Lip Dub video was filmed this past Sunday morning in response.  And I am going to post the embedded video as a comment.   Grand Rapids is a COOL city!
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One Response to Wow!

  1. Mel Weinerth says:

    Sounds pretty wonderful to me an enjoyed the video.

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