Dang-it, Multiply!

Dang-it, Multiply – I thought I told you to “remember me” … why do you need my password again, when I just logged off five minutes ago?
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4 Responses to Dang-it, Multiply!

  1. Mel Weinerth says:

    Because you have been gone so log LOL no Multiply have a few bugs with the new changes

  2. Log off? Do people really do that? 😉

  3. Rani Kaye says:

    I had not actually "logged off" – I had only closed my browser – which is Why I Was Confused.Today I figured it out. I had two separate Multiply bookmarks: 1 said Multiply, and 1 said Rani Kaye's site. I was using the "Multiply" bookmark, which always takes me to the sign-in page.Using the other bookmark, I get right back in, and do not have to retype my password. Live and (re-)learn.

  4. oh, I've got the sign-in bookmarked but I've also got multiply.com bookmarked, which takes me to my inbox if I already am signed in (which I normally am).

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