This is for you, JD

When young, impressionable, hopelessly floundering but so danged intelligent

Misfit, yet outstanding among my peers in the eyes of my elders

Wanting to fit, wanting to feel …

Feeling guilty for my fortune

Unwilling to admit my misfortune

Searching (no: WAITING) for purpose for ME

I wasn’t KNOCKED off-course

I didn’t WANDER off-course

I jumped

Headlong into anything, anything, that was OTHER

Hardly a soul that could look at me knew

So intelligent, articulate, seemed so mature

(God knew)

JD – you will know you are mature and on-track

When you look in the mirror, and see the grown-up version

Of the person that you were when you were wee

And you do not hate that tyke

Or the people who loved him


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2 Responses to This is for you, JD

  1. Mel Weinerth says:

    Some times we wonder how we survived to be this age an kids are the same . But some times one is more into adventure then the rest really feel they jump the track.

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