Multiply is Closing

Multiply is closing. I am now on WordPress: I sure do hope Stefan keeps his word and provides a tool to migrate our blogs with!
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10 Responses to Multiply is Closing

  1. Rani Kaye says:

    What's your URL, Heidi? So we can connect on WordPress?

  2. heidi breuer says:

    http:/heidibreuer@wordpress.comhere it is

  3. Rani Kaye says:

    I will "follow" you!Please also "follow" me!!!!!

  4. heidi breuer says:

    yes rani will follow you okay

  5. Rani Kaye says:

    I cannot get your link to work!!! It is 12:45 a.m. where I live, and I have had an adult beverage … I will try again tomorrow. Separation anxiety is killing me! If you can get to my pages, and you "follow" me, please tell me you're from Multiply! Talk to you tomorrow, I hope!

  6. heidi breuer says:

    okay same here sleep well

  7. And may I ask what you base this on? I know there are rumours around, have been ever since Stefan made the mistake of saying something about "if", which people seemed to interpret as: it's going to happen, definitely. because obviously this is what the word "if" means, right?So I'd really appreciate it if you have any concrete info.

  8. I expect that's because Heidi put a @ instead of a . there.(I deleted my other comment as I've now seen the latest Staff Blog post, which answered my question:

  9. heidi breuer says:

    thanks we have been trying to figure it out–she finally got me and i approved her message lol

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