New Kid on the Block


I am SO not-good at using WordPress yet!

And I’ve got “followers” already, for crying-out-loud!


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2 Responses to New Kid on the Block

  1. Don’t panic! and do give me a shout if there’s anything you need help with, I’ve been using WordPress for a while and would be very happy to show you the ropes. (Though so far you seem to be doing just fine, you’ve been posting, and organising categories and widgets and whatnot, just like a pro…)

    • ranikaye says:

      Thanks, Meirav. I think I’m catching on. What really motivated me to come over here was (1) you, (2) this really awesome blog by one of my friends from the church where I’m a member: , (3) we got a new pastor at the church where I work, and she’s a blogger but doesn’t yet know how to upload her own blogs: , and (4) the domain that used to host the website for the church where I work took down our lame but pretty website, and I needed a platform upon which to make a new, cheap, not-lame but still pretty website (it’s still lame, but I’m working on it):

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