Test post to see if I can embed video

Nope, well, that didn’t work.

Okay, let’s try a link:


Well, that worked. But my readers sure aren’t going to be intriqued with that!

I’ve seen blogs where the http address doesn’t show in the link, but some other words show instead. How do you do THAT I wonder?


What I just tried did NOT work. Trying again

Crap! There’s nothing else to TRY!

Well, if anybody can help me here, please hop on board with a comment.

What I was trying to embed (or at least link to) was the Grand Rapids Lip Dub video.

I guess I’ve got quite a ways to go on climbing the WordPress learning curve!


Yeah, right – like that worked when I tried it.

Let us try this yet again.


Okay, I copied it from the web browser’s ADDRESS BAR, instead of from the link options on youtube … Crossing my fingers. 1, 2, 3 … post!

……… sigh

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3 Responses to Test post to see if I can embed video

  1. ranikaye says:

    Well the help screen was NO help, because those instructions are NOT how you post a video. I stumbled upon how to do it though. You go to the WordPress page, open the new post tab, click video, and paste the URL in the little box provided. It couldn’t be easier. Whew!

  2. ranikaye says:

    I finally did find out how to embed a YouTube video. See my very next post.

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