A Cyber Refugee

My working assumption has always been that what you share, you will never lose. But this is now the 2nd time that my blogging friends & I have needed to migrate or perish. Sigh. I am a cyber refugee once more. I know that 99.999% of my Facebook friends couldn’t care less about this; but I was a blogger before Facebook was even invented. And I fear I’m going to lose track of some fellow-bloggers for ever, because we won’t all migrate to the same new platform. Sigh. Separation is the thing that I hate most about life on Earth!
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7 Responses to A Cyber Refugee

  1. I agree that facebook is not a haven for blogging

    • ranikaye says:

      The first time somebody comments on your site here, you have to approve them. After that, they can comment anywhere on your site.

      So you are approved now, Vinster.

      I hope you bring all your stories over here to WordPress. It will give me opportunity to read and enjoy them again. Plus, you’ll get new readers! I’ve only been here a few days, but I’ve got subscribers & followers already!

  2. nevermind I figured it out

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