Life on a Dying Planet

We need to know this: Our homes in cyberspace are hosted by somebody; nay, owned by somebody. And the owner is not a benevolent god.

We should have known this all along: Our blogs, and all our photos … our blood, and sweat, and tears … are nothing more than a vapor, that appears for a little while, and then vanishes away.

If you paint on canvas, or print out all your photos on premium photo paper, your images might last … but likely they will not. The landfills are already rife with fading images … memories that got tossed away when the house was sold and the old folks went to the “home.”

If you publish a book, your words might last … but likely they will not. Only a few people’s words survive for centuries. Most of our words die with us.

And we need to know this: We do all die.

I am a new blogger on WordPress. I was once a new blogger on Multiply, but its non-benevolent owner is hitting the poof button on all of us on December 1st, 2012.

Some of my friends are still blogging over there, on Mulitply, that dying planet in cyberspace. Some of us (like me) are scurrying hither and yon, to neighboring stars. Some are trying to build a star ship to replicate the “home” they thought they had … maybe even make it bigger, faster, stronger (more benevolent).

If we don’t copy all our stuff to our own computers (where nobody else sees or reads but us … and what if the hard drive crashes), then we will lose all of our stuff. Or if we don’t copy all our stuff to other websites … or if the Phoenix group can’t write a program fast enough PLUS get the money to do a cooperative business venture, IN TIME: BEFORE DECEMBER FIRST … then POOF!


We always knew that recording our memories in cyberspace was a computer game … right?

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