My grandparents

The first of my immigrant grandpas was William. He came to Massachusetts from Scrooby, Nottinghamshire via Leiden, Netherlands in 1620.

Shortly after William arrived, my grandpa, Christian, (a Mennonite) came to Pennsylvania, where he died 4 years before the American Revolution.

Right around the time Christian died, my grandpa, Aaron, also arrived in Pennsylvania. When the War broke out, he migrated to Canada because this branch of my family favored the King. They returned to the U.S. a couple decades before the American Civil War, in which they fought for the Union.

At about the same time Aaron’s descendents returned from Canada, two grandpas, Pieter and Johann, came to Michigan from the Netherlands.

My most recent immigrant grandpa, Johan, brought his son, my grandpa Wilhelm, to America so that Wilhelm would not have to serve in the German military. Johan was, according to family verbal history, the illegitimate son of Wilhelm I of Prussia.

None of these grandpas ever knew each other, but their children were all living in Michigan and eventually produced my two parents.

I have been studying genealogy, and history. Unraveling riddles from my childhood. Some day, when I have finished my research, and found my voice, I hope to write about those riddles.

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