November bouquet

IMG_6636These are my favorite flowers. They bloom in my yard in early November.

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5 Responses to November bouquet

  1. I love winter bloomers, too…hehe

    • Sarah says:

      “Winter bloomers” – oh! now I get it! (Took me all afternoon. Duh!)

      We call them “winter woolies” here LOL. – Sarah

      • I have a twisted sense of humor, no one else calls them that but me. lol Did you read my poem “Wanderlust of a Doodad”? hehe you’ll see what I mean.

      • Sarah says:

        I haven’t seen “Wanderlust of a Doodad.” I couldn’t find it on your site. You don’t seem to have a search widget. Could you post me the link, and I’ll take a look. Thanks! – Sarah

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