Finished my Christmas shopping


Finished my Christmas shopping tonight; and finished (I sincerely hope) resolving my computer’s “issues” thanks to a TON of support by very nice people in India who are employed by Microsoft. My computer’s issues were escalated to “Tier 2” and I had about 72 hours worth of free support. God bless Jim (in Canada, I think, and then Sudan and then Prashandt, both in India, I think).

So: I have shopped. Tomorrow I must wrap gifts and prepare food. On Sunday, after church, the family comes to my house. We are having food: ham on buns, shrimp cocktail which my sons will fight over, spinach dip & Triscuit crackers, Vegie Dip & vegies, devilled eggs, potato chips, and olives (both black & green – hubby LOVES olives).

What are YOU doing for Christmas?

Besides preparing food tomorrow for Sunday, I have all those gifts to wrap.

Merry Christmas, WordPress friends!

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4 Responses to Finished my Christmas shopping

  1. Alice says:

    The computer woes brought many together…My sons and I will have a Fiesta–some traditional Mexican food. Its quite festive in red and green!

  2. J9 says:

    Yummy! Funds are tight this year so everyone gets a homemade hat from me this year. (I learned to knit about 3 weeks ago, and loom-knitting hats is my favorite so far.) I am visiting my grandmother, dad, and step-mom today, lunch with friends tomorrow, surprising my other grandmother at the Christmas Eve service at her church Monday night, and spending Tuesday at my mom’s with all the siblings and resultant offspring. I will probably spend the day hiding in my sister’s room with a bottle of wine. *L* We hare having…let’s see if I remember…turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, ham, au gratin potatoes, deviled eggs, olives, maybe chips and dip, maybe veggie sticks, and rolls. I think that’s it. I’m all ready full and exausted. Too bad I’m not already tipsy. *L* Hope you all have a lovely holiday!

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