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The sky is NOT falling

Listen up, kids. I have suffered under self-proclaimed prophets. I have lived through a number of losses of various sorts. I fed a family of five, plus 2 dogs, on $30 a week in the late 1980s. I have been … Continue reading

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Neurons, Synapses, Economics, and Life

January 24, 2009 Lots of places on the Web, people are blogging away about all sorts of things. Mostly we don’t get paid. We share ideas. We expand each other’s horizons. The world has never been like this. Or has it? … Continue reading

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Heads Up, Writers!

Heads up, Writers!  It’s time to save the world! We need a Charles Dickens, to show us what the census numbers really look like walking; we need a Thomas Paine to tell us just what might really work; we need … Continue reading

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Bill Moyers Journal . Watch & Listen | PBS

http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/01232009/watch.htmlI woke up early this morning, and watched Bill Moyers Journal on PBS. I want to save this link for my own future review. And if you missed it, I recommend you link and listen or read the transcript. Good … Continue reading

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Neurons, Synapses, Economics, and Life

Kira is out of her blue funk, and is aptly leading a Library group here on Multiply.  She receives no pay for this.  It is excellent work.Here on Multiply, and lots of other places on the Web, people are blogging … Continue reading

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BBC NEWS | Americas | Did Bush cause the financial crisis?


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The Real Great Depression – ChronicleReview.com

http://chronicle.com/temp/reprint.php?id=477k3d8mh2wmtpc4b6h07p4hy9z83x18 Snagged this one from my friend, Cranky’s comment box (he posted it yesterday). Not exactly what I needed to hear today, but enlightening; and I want to save the link.

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